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Library / BCD

The CAAM Library and Documentation Centre contains an extensive collection of specialised books and documents usually in Contemporary Art. Some of the most significant additions to the collection were specially sourced from the three continents – Africa, Europe and America – whose interrelatedness with the Canarian Archipelago defines our geographic and cultural genealogy and, consequently, the programmatic guidelines of the Art Centre itself: the three-continent premise.

The Library and Documentation Centre has forged collaborative relationships with other similar institutions, maintaining a publications exchange programme with over 200 artistic institutions all over the world while also keeping up-to-date with current publications.

The Library and Documentation Centre’s collection currently comprises more than 35,000 titles, organised into various thematic areas:

La Biblioteca del CAAM

Timetable: Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 21.00..

  • The extensive art bibliography of the Canary Islands, Africa and Latin America deserves special mention.
  • Monographs on Art Theory, Art History, Artistic Movements, Photography, Architecture, Fashion and Design, Literature, Cinema, Music, Museology.
  • Monographs on Artists of the 20th and 21st centuries, Detailed Catalogues, Exhibitions Catalogues, Collective Exhibitions, Public and Private Collecting, Catalogues of the most Prestigious Auctions, national as well as international.
  • Dictionaries, Yearbooks, Art and Artistic Techniques Encyclopaedias.
  • Audiovisual and Multimedia material, including the latest presentations in the field of Video Creation, Documentary Videos, CDs, CD-ROMs, DVDs as well as reprographic records of all the courses, seminars and other activities that are hosted in the CAAM.
  • Publications and Catalogues of the CAAM exhibitions by the foremost Centres in the world.
  • Exhaustive database of Canarian Artists under construction.
  • Collection specially dedicated to Felo Monzón, an archive of invaluable and diverse documentation donated by this artist, which contains copious information regarding artistic processes in the 20th century in the Canary Islands.

Library services

  • The Library and Documentation Centre’s catalogue can be consulted on the CAAM web site.
  • The Library and Documentation Centre’s Online Public Access Catalogue can be consulted in the library.
  • Audio-visual and multimedia material.
  • Digital format.
  • The digitalisation of images and magazine contents is currently in progress.
  • Internet access
  • Free user access to Artprice: first in art market information.
  • Over 400 international art magazines.
  • Desiderata: You may request any documents not in our collection, which may be of interest to you. The suggestions can be sent by email to
  • Reproduction of documents: Users may make photocopies subject to the restrictions imposed by the Intellectual Property Law. To make photocopies, the prior authorisation of the Library and Documentation Centre is required.
  • Inter-library loans with institutions. This service is offered to national libraries. Any libraries which, in the consideration of the Library and Documentation Centre, fail to comply with the necessary conditions for guaranteeing the safety of the works on loan, are excluded. Foreign libraries that wish to borrow documents not available in their countries, may submit the relevant request in accordance with the recommendations of the International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA) on inter-library loans. Only material that is not available in the provincial libraries of the relevant Spanish Autonomous Community will be lent. The work in question may not leave the premises of the borrowing library, which shall be solely responsible for the safekeeping of the work being lent.
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