Artist: Paula Scamparini
Exhibition title: Matriz
Curators: Orlando Britto Jinorio y Fernanda Lopes
Dates: 30.03.2023 – 18.06.2023 PRORROGADA HASTA EL 2 DE JULIO DE 2023
Place: CAAM – sede principal (planta 2). Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. España.
Hours: de martes a sábado de 10 a 21h. y domingos de 10 a 14h.

Free admission

Paula Scamparini is a multidisciplinary artist who works essentially from the audiovisual territory, a medium in which she displays her thinking around the value and symbolic power of the image as a matrix, while exploring and developing its possibilities.

Formally, her photography has been overflowing throughout almost two decades of work towards other orders such as video, ceramics, the objectual and the sculptural, the installative and the sound territory.

Matriz is Scamparini’s first individual exhibition in Spain and shows a selection of unpublished works through which she generates a debate on the female body and its conversion into the body of a woman-mother. They are bodies that adapt, shape and sustain (as the artist herself points out), even in the definitions of gender, class and roles, social structures of which we are a part.

Thus, Paula Scamparini incorporates into her fully subjective work unavoidable cultural, social and political debates from another way of being in the world.  

                                                         Orlando Britto Jinorio and Fernanda Lopes

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