ON PAINTING [prácticas pictóricas actuales…más allá de la pintura o más acá]

Exhibition title: ON PAINTING [prácticas pictóricas actuales…
Corator: Omar-Pascual Castillo
Dates: 01.03.2013 to 07.07.2013
Place: CAAM – Los Balcones 11. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Spain.
Hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 9pm. and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The first exhibition devoted to curatorial thesis proposal of the new artistic director of CAAM, take all the inside and outside museum space, receiving more than a dozen site-specific interventions in facades, patios, terraces and walls of the building, as well as relevant works on loan from more than ten private and institutional collections from Latin American pictorial context; territory where language and painting-as-art form has prevailed.
ON PAINTING is an ambitious exhibition project and reflection in which the painting is conceived, rather than as a genre of art, as a methodology, as a language.

In this research, the show is based in four general ideo-aesthetic lines from which to approach programmatic changes in last century pictorial practise and beginning of present one:

  • COLOR SPLASH AND MATERIALS: new abstract experiences
  • BITTER TASTE, THE NAUSEA: The return of Acid Painting
  • POST-HISPANIC Narratives: New narrative in the Age of the Image
  • TUTTO REVOLUTO… From NEO-BAROQUE to the Era of Promiscuity

Knowing then that is always an exhibition project for an exhibition space (CAAM), under these four symptoms we gather together 66 artists from countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Costa Rica, Haiti, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, Surinam, Venezuela and Spain. And guests from the Philippines, Belgium and United States.

The project will be accompanied by a theoretical event. Moreover, the CAAM will edit a publication with contributions of guest figures such as Barry Schwabsky, Kevin Power, Octavio Zaya and Omar-Pascual Castillo.


COLOR SPLASH AND MATERIALS: new abstract experiences

  • Joaquín Artime (España)
  • Marlon de Azambuja *(Brasil-España)
  • Ángela de la Cruz (España-Gran Bretaña)
  • Flavio Garciandía (Cuba-México)
  • Thomas Glassford (EE UU/México)
  • Laura González *(España)
  • Juan Gopar * (España)
  • Ron Gorchov (EE UU)
  • Arturo Herrera (Venezuela)
  • Federico Herrero (Costa Rica)
  • Carlos Maciá *(España)
  • Guillermo Mora (España)
  • Ángel Otero (EAU-Puerto Rico)
  • Luis Palmero (España)
  • Valeska Soares (Brasil-EE UU)
  • Luisa Urréjola *(España)
  • Juan Uslé (España)
  • Vargas-Suárez Universal *(México-NYC)
  • Daniel Verbis (España)

BITTER TASTE, THE NAUSEA: The Return of Painting Acid’

  • Fernando Álamo (España)
  • Hernan Bas (EE.UU.)
  • José Bedia (Cuba-EE UU)
  • Alexis Esquivel (Cuba-España)
  • Jorge Galindo (España)
  • Julio Galán (Mexico)
  • José Lerma (España-EE UU)
  • Enrique Martínez Celaya (Cuba-EE UU)
  • Enrique Marty (España)
  • Manuel Ocampo (Filipinas-EE UU)
  • Santiago Palenzuela (España)
  • Michel Pérez Pollo (Cuba)
  • Carlos Rivero (España)
  • Matías Sánchez (España)
  • Abdul Vas *(Surinán-España)
  • Santiago Ydáñez (España)

POST-HISPANIC Narratives: New narrativity in the Age of the Image

  • Jose Ramón Amondarain (España)
  • Pablo Alonso (España)
  • Francis Alÿs (Bélgica-México)
  • José Manuel Ballester (España)
  • Idaira del Castillo (España)
  • Rómulo Celdrán (España)
  • Raúl Cordero (Cuba)
  • Sandra Gamarra (Perú)
  • Pipo Hernández Rivero (España)
  • Chema López (España)
  • Martín & Sicilia (España)
  • Víctor Rodríguez (Mexico)
  • Carlos Salazar (Colombia)
  • Simón Zabell (España)

TUTTO revolute neobaroque… From the Age of Promiscuity

  • Pedro Barbeito (España-EE UU)
  • Fernanda Brunet (México)
  • CNFSN+ *(España)
  • Dzine (EE UU)
  • Arturo Elizondo (México)
  • Javier Garcerá (España)
  • Luis Gordillo (España)
  • Guillermo Kuitca (Argentina)
  • Clemencia Labín (Venezuela-Alemania)
  • Sofía Maldonado *(Puerto Rico-EE.UU.)
  • Melvin Martínez (Puerto Rico)
  • Grupo Mondongo (Argentina)
  • Ray Smith (Mexico-EE UU)
  • Adriana Varejâo (Brasil)
  • Kehinde Wiley (EE UU)
  • Jesús Zurita *(España)

(*) nterventions in facades, patios, terraces, and outside and inside walls.




Artists who created the ‘site specific’ interventions

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