Holy Sugar, a solo exhibition by the artist from Gran Canaria, Luna Bengoechea, which focuses on the problems of the food industry and the new models of food production, concentrating on marketing and advertising, as well as their capacity to influence consumption. In the 21st century, in the age of mass information and visual overload, our society constantly receives harmful and false messages of satisfaction and happiness, leading us to find ourselves immersed in a system that never stops generating new needs.

The artist, always interested in scrutinising the complex and eternal relations between human beings and nature, proposes an exhibition that questions the submission and dependence of contemporary society towards certain industrially produced, nutrient-poor, fast-consuming, sugary and hyper-palatable foods; all of them created to generate addiction and thus provoke a human mass that is completely malleable and incapable of coping with an industry that intoxicates it.

Holy Sugar also discusses contradiction, the digital world, the everyday, demystification and iconography, taking sugar in its many aspects and guises as a starting point. An exhibition that calls us back to our origins, to food in its natural state; an initiative that not only improves our health, but also destabilises the current neoliberal system that consumes and directs our lives.

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