Cándido Candide

Exhibition title: Cándido Candide
Curator: Luis Francisco Pérez
Artists: Juan Carlos Batista, Karina Beltrán, Laura Gherardi, Martín y Sicilia, M. Nieves Cáceres, Carlos Rivero, Paco Rossique y Alexis W.
Dates: 05.07.2018 to 21.10.2018
Place: CAAM – San Antonio Abad. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Spain.
Hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 9pm. and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Free admission

Leonard Bernstein

The idea behind the exhibition Cándido Candide is very specific: a celebration of the centenary of the birth of Leonard Bernstein, one of the great orchestra conductors of the 20th century and one of the most outstanding American composers, who lived in harmony with his time.

The continuation, or rather the development, of this celebratory event is a display of the latest works of eight Canary Islands artists (or nine, considering two have joined forces) who have interrelated their creative discourse on two planes. On one level they have integrated their artistic processes and realities into a productive, over-arching dialectic with and amongall the participants.

On another plane, they have oriented each work created and presented in the exhibition around a key composition in the corpus of the great Lenny Bernstein: his opera Candide.

However, this loop, or chained melody, goes even further, because our artists have embarked upon a double creative paradigm: Bernstein’s magnificent opera and the no less outstanding novel of one of the leading writers and philosophers of the Enlightenment in France and Europe. I am, of course, referring to François-Marie Arouet, better known by his pseudonym, Voltaire, and his most widely read and popular narrative work, Candide – the very tale that Bernstein discovered as an adolescent, swearing he would one day write an opera about such a curious character and his incredible life of adventure.

Voltaire’s Candidebegins: “There lived in Westphalia, at the country seat of Baron Thunder-ten-tronckh, a young lad blessed by nature with the most agreeable manners. His face was the true index of his mind”. The novel ends with a worldly-wise remark by the young Candide, who has returned from his adventure with a more wounded soul than when he set out: “Excellently observed”, answered Candide, “but let us cultivate our garden”.

Candide’s civilised, enigmatic reply could easily be transposed as “Let us be artists in life and for life”. Between the beginning and the end of this adventure, the creators whose works are gathered here have composed a musical tribute to Lenny Bernstein. With their individual artistic and aesthetic capacity, they have created their own musical scores that together form an orchestral tutti, a unique, intelligent and emotive artistic symphony.

We invite all those who would like to accompany us in this art adventure, in this music of the soul and life, to enter into the exhibition. The artists who will guide us through this lavish jungle are Juan Carlos Batista, Karina Beltrán, Laura Gherardi, Martín and Sicilia (José Martín and Javier Sicilia), M. Nieves Cáceres, Carlos Rivero, Paco Rossique and Alexis W.

Luis Francisco Pérez



Pre-opening visit


Meeting artists and curator

Meeting with the artist Juan Carlos Batista

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